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What is the best BBQ in Texas?

Should this NYC-boy-turned-Hill-Country-transplant ask, “What is the best BBQ in Texas?” the answer lies only 32 miles away from me, in Sisterdale. Blackboard Bar BQ. (Google notes the address as “Boerne;” it’s physically next to Sisterdale. Here, too, is a previous review along with other area restaurants.) I live in Kerrville, and the drive is …

Jared Muralt
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What is a Moleskine journal?

I’ve written previously about Moleskines, but exactly what is a Moleskine journal, and what’s the best way to find one? Take it from a Moleskine journal enthusiast extraordinaire: I’ll explain both. A philosophical but important overview If nothing else, a Moleskine journal is an expression of oneself. Whether writing or sketching or painting or simply …

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About Galveston, Texas | ShotsByRayRay

If you want to know more about Galveston, Texas, check out the photos on the Instagram account, @ShotsByRayRay. Raymond Cruz’s photos are evocative and emotional, and of late I’ve seen a lot that use standing water as a mirror on his subject in the top half of the frame. Much like Monet did with his …

best breakfast in Kerrville TX
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#1 Best Breakfast in Kerrville TX?

The best breakfast in Kerrville TX just might be Rita’s Famous Tacos on Earl Garrett Street. Might be, that is, if long lines, low prices, and hit-the-spot Mexican on-the-go food are any indication. “The Best Authentic Mexican Food in Kerrville” As the sign says, they’re not joking. You enter off Earl Garrett and stand — …

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Liberty Burger in Ingram | Dessert alert!

Faithful readers of Small Town USA will know that about 10 miles north of where I live in Kerrville, Texas, is Liberty Burger, in Ingram. [Ed.: it was formerly known as Liberty Kitchen.] Goodness! (That’s both an exclamation and a description.) I’ve written about it a couple of times, for good reason. For my fourth …