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Jared Muralt
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What is a Moleskine journal?

I’ve written previously about Moleskines, but exactly what is a Moleskine journal, and what’s the best way to find one? Take it from a Moleskine journal enthusiast extraordinaire: I’ll explain both. A philosophical but important overview If nothing else, a Moleskine journal is an expression of oneself. Whether writing or sketching or painting or simply …

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The ultimate men’s snap shirt / Finding it in a retail store or online

I’m kind of big on snap shirts. A.k.a. “pearl snap shirts,” or “western shirts.” I even heard a saleswoman yesterday call them “button-up” shirts, though I think she was referring to shirts that weren’t t-shirts or polo style. But finding the ultimate snap shirt is an ordeal. It’s this category of men’s apparel, specifically casual …

Adidas Cloudfoam
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Essential Travel Gear | REVIEW: #1 Best Shoe For Texas Road Trips

If you think that traveling in boots or ropers will be comfortable after 12 hours going across Texas or 10 hours beating it from Amarillo to the beaches of Corpus Christi, then you haven’t tried the Adidas Cloudfoam…the #1 best shoe for Texas road trips. Karen and I were recently in Kyle, Texas for the …

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Best Places In Grapevine, Texas | Carolyn Pollack Jewelry

In early October 2019, Karen and I drove to Grapevine, Texas for a conference. As one of the organizers, I got to do advance work in Grapevine and see some of the local sites in addition to the hotels. One place that the ladies out there — or the woman in your life, if you’re …