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What To Do In Kerrville, Texas | REVIEW: Monroe’s [7/10]

Perhaps I’m overly harsh at times. Or a snob. Or harsh because I’m a snob. But when we have so many choices in the world for so many things, and when the free market dictates what businesses succeed and fail (no, we’re not going to talk about “too big to fail”), why wouldn’t we want …

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What To Do In Comfort, Texas | #1 Best Pizza In The Hill Country

I grew up in New York City literally over a pizza parlor. So I was pleasantly surprised to learn about Comfort Pizza in Comfort, Texas (Facebook page here), which is in my humble opinion the best pizza in the Hill Country and, so far, the only edible pizza other than Home Slice in Austin. Our …

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Restaurants In Utopia, Texas | REVIEW: Lost Maples Cafe

How could one not want to go to Utopia?! I mean, that’s a no-brainer. But what to do once you get there and are there restaurants in Utopia; that’s actually harder than you think. Because Utopia, population 227, is actually a census-designated place (CDP) by the Federal Register, meaning that there’s only enough of a …

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What To Do In Kerrville, Texas | The Best Place For Bagels and Cream Cheese

You might not associate semi-rural Texas with bagels and cream cheese. Growing up in New York City, practically living off these daily or at least several times weekly, being distantly Jewish (great-grandmother was Jewish from Poland), and for a long time living about three blocks from bagel heaven (Zabar’s), I developed a certain…let’s say opinion …