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Election results in Florida paint a new picture of America

Why has the Sunshine State been so important in recent presidential elections? And why do the election results in Florida “paint a new picture of America”? As I’ve done lately, I’m starting out not knowing the answer but rather, as best I can, following the truth by way of data and reason. Certainly the data …

do you unfriend someone on facebook

“Do you unfriend someone on Facebook?” (If they voted for Trump, then “yes.”)

Since Donald J. Trump was elected as President of the United States, we’ve asked ourselves and each other: “If they voted for Trump in 2016 or will in 2020, do you unfriend someone on Facebook?” If my experience is any indication, it’s not only “yes” but “Hell, yes!” I posted a link to the most …

Op-Ed Politics

Why gay former gang member black people vote for Trump

Having voted for Trump in 2016 and then making the unwise choice of accepting a blogger’s invitation to write an article on why — with a readership in an election district that went 89% for Hillary Clinton and just under 6% for Trump — I found myself quickly unpopular with friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Well, …

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HEB Kerrville | Is “gleaning” in the works?

When someone says something like, “I know I’m stepping on the third rail here, but…” they’re admitting to touching a topic that one shouldn’t touch and expect to survive. I’m from New York City, now living in the Texas Hill Country, and I’m going to risk a few hairs getting frazzled by my talking about …