The State of Texas has made it abundantly clear that we smartphone users should not use the Chilean flag emoji in text messages, etc., as a substitute for the Texas flag.

It’s not right. (And it isn’t.)

There was a point in that opening, and I honestly can’t remember it.

But, still, smartphone users: don’t do it.

The main reason I’m writing is that we are shifting all our content to Biscuit Aisle, a blog started in Kerrville, Texas, the town that provided the inspiration for this blog.

And the reason we’re shifting content is that I’m tired of writing anonymously at The Hanging Chad about things that matter to me, and I frankly don’t have time to maintain multiple websites the way I have been with this one. (I had to start The Hanging Chad so I could anonymously post political content that became too controversial here under my name. I believe now that I was being un-American by protecting myself from exercising the First Amendment.)


More focus on content in one place.

I hope you’ll get on over to Biscuit Aisle and read there.

It will definitely include posts on small town life, but it will also have content that makes your eyelashes fall out.

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