Faithful readers of Small Town USA will know that about 10 miles north of where I live in Kerrville, Texas, is Liberty Burger, in Ingram. [Ed.: it was formerly known as Liberty Kitchen.]


(That’s both an exclamation and a description.)

I’ve written about it a couple of times, for good reason.

For my fourth visit in that many weeks, I took my son there today to experience their shakes and treat him to a burger. (He’s doing keto.)

Burgers too big to bite

liberty kitchen ingram
Need this caption say anything but “burger”? PHOTO: Liberty Burger


You actually cannot get your mouth around the burgers at Liberty Burger. They are stacked with all sorts of stuff. Today I got the burger with jalapeño jam, which also had a couple onion rings on it and bacon as well. Reserve me that hospital bed in the hospital cardiac unit when COVID is over, so I can eat these burgers until I need a stent put in.

When you order — seriously — order extra napkins because your fingers will be dripping after the first bite.

If you want to take a bit of all that the burgers offer at once, you’ll need to eat like this:

My son had a burger which he later described as “great” that was just meat, cheese and bacon. But nonetheless, it was cooked perfectly and was juicy and hearty.

New: shakes!

Liberty Kitchen Ingram TX
Signature shake. PHOTO: Liberty Burger

Selfishly, I had wanted to go to have the shake also, even though my son couldn’t partake because of the keto reset.

Their signature shakes come in classic old-time soda fountain glass serving dishes. You know, the kind you might have between you and your high school sweetheart in a 1950s ice cream shoppe. (Two P’s and an “e” on the end.) I decided to go with a basic strawberry, because I knew I wouldn’t have enough room with a burger as well. Creamy, all strawberry with seeds and all, with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry on top.

Doubling down

I’m no gambler, but if I were, I’d say that Liberty Burger is splitting its 10s and doubling down.

Or something like that.

liberty kitchen ingram

It’s got a good thing, and now that it’s proven its mettle, it’s morphing its restaurant, which had everything from burgers to upscale entrees, into Liberty Burger and Shake, and — word is on the street — opening something sounding like Liberty on the Water closer to or at The Point Theater.

I’m placing my bets on this one.

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