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The ultimate men’s snap shirt / Finding it in a retail store or online

I’m kind of big on snap shirts. A.k.a. “pearl snap shirts,” or “western shirts.” I even heard a saleswoman yesterday call them “button-up” shirts, though I think she was referring to shirts that weren’t t-shirts or polo style. But finding the ultimate snap shirt is an ordeal. It’s this category of men’s apparel, specifically casual …

Criders rodeo
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What To Do In Kerrville, Texas (at Night) | Crider’s Rodeo in Hunt

So…full disclosure: Crider’s is not actually in Kerrville. It’s in Hunt. It lies to the west, past some wonderful river crossings and the famous Hunt Store, where the burgers are as juicy as anywhere else but at “anywhere else” they don’t taste as good. And if you’re looking for things to do in Kerrville on …