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By Bringing Up Texans

If you are looking for a quiet place to dip your toes in the river, cast a line, or picnic while bird-watching, then James Kiehl River Bend Park in Comfort, Texas is the perfect spot.

The Park is on the smaller size with 25 acres and a decent sized dirt parking lot. Don’t be fooled as you’re heading to the park: you’ll drive on backroads, under an old railroad bridge, and basically through single-family farms before finding the park.


Finding the path


At the same elevation at the parking lot you will find a path that leads to a picnic area and the restrooms, a port a potty with some hand sanitizing stations. Here you will find some paths through the meadow that lead to bird houses and a bird blind. You can continue this path down the river where you will find beautiful cypress trees lining the blue waters. You can continue to walk along the river or take a path back through the lower meadow. The last time few times we visited, the paths through the lower field were not as well-maintained, so we chose to head back on the same path back up the upper meadow.

PHOTO: Bringing Up Texans

From the parking lot you can head right to the river down a newly rocked path that is much less steep than the old washed out dirt one. This will take you down to the old road and bridge as well as the rocky beach. You can bring some camp chairs and spend some time down here. We have stumbled upon a few families picnicking and swimming in this spot.

You can fish from the old road bridge or try your luck downstream. If looking for fossils is your thing, then just move around some of the river rocks at the edge and you will find some neat treasures.

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Army Spc. James Kiehl, fallen hero, and the park named after him

James Kiehl River Bend park is about a 10-minute drive east from downtown Comfort. You can continue your drive after visiting the park to the Old Tunnel State Park to see some bats or even further to Bankersmith, TX. When you visit the park, take a moment to read about James Kiehl and his ultimate sacrifice.

PHOTO: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

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  1. Howard, I’ve visited Houston and San Antonio a couple times. A local took me to Tx Hill Country and it was a beautiful ride just getting there.

    For you this is such a change from NYC!!! I grew up in upstate NY so I love all the little towns. I actually spent some of last week in Long Island but I stress driving there even if I don’t have to go directly into the city.

    I think people will be doing more driving vacations now so all this information will be helpful.

    1. Thanks for reading and the comment, Debbi!

      The post you commented off of was actually written by an Instagram friend who agreed to be a Contributor here. I’m trying to collaborate where possible with other writers/photographers.

      Here’s one I wrote of a little jaunt I took one day and some of the REALLY small towns, which I call “no STOP sign towns.”

      Where in upstate NY did you grow up?

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