what is a moleskine journal

I’ve written previously about Moleskines, but exactly what is a Moleskine journal, and what’s the best way to find one?

Take it from a Moleskine journal enthusiast extraordinaire: I’ll explain both.

A philosophical but important overview

Classic black Moleskine, plain, hardcover

If nothing else, a Moleskine journal is an expression of oneself.

Whether writing or sketching or painting or simply using as a planner or itinerary-maker, these notebooks — reputedly used first by Ernest Hemingway — are versatile enough for most personal expressions.

Speaking for myself, I have long envied those who express themselves not only by sketching in Moleskines but using the spread format artistically, even using the page boundaries to extend their expression.

One of my favorite artists is Mattias Adolfsson:

So this, of course, is my alter-ego — the never-to-exist artist — living vicariously through Mattias.

What is a Moleskine journal for a writer?

Ernest Hemingway

Then there are the writers out there. (Like me.)

Hemingway is perhaps the most famous example of a Moleskine user.

But being the writer he was — extolling the virtues of bullfighting, bringing the word aficionado into my vocabulary, becoming a part of the Lost Generation with Gertrude Stein and involving himself in the Spanish Civil War — he has given writers everywhere the motive for using Moleskines as an essential writing tool.

It goes where the writer goes: the arena or the battlefield.

Analog is extra like that.

What kind of Moleskine is right for you?

The first thing you have to consider is the function of your Moleskine:

What is a Moleskine “journal” and what’s arguably not

If you must, and only if you must, there is an alternative to the analog version: Moleskine Smart Notebooks (also found on Amazon, with very few left in stock).

Candidly, I have not reviewed this product, but if you love Moleskines and also love toys (as, admittedly, I do) then this might be your thing.

Where to find Moleskines?

You can check my previous article for specific areas in Texas that carry Moleskine notebooks.

Candidly, I buy my Moleskines all from Amazon. With few exceptions. When I lived in New York City, the local Barnes & Noble had a decent variety. But even the bigger malls in nearby San Antonio don’t have that selection.

So Amazon it is.

Below are a few versions described above, along with the classic Moleskine journal that I use. :

How to get — CLICK on an image below:

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